Abha Bhaiya 

Abha Bhaiya is one of the founder members of Jagori Delhi; a feminist organization set up in 1984 in Delhi, and for the first 12 years she has provided the vision and programmatic strength thus contributing to the organizational growth. She is also a founding member of Jagori Rural Charitable Trust since 2002. Abha Bhaiya has been active in women’s movements in India for more than 45 years. She has been working on a range of issues including women’s social, political and economic rights, the status of single women’s rights to health, bodily integrity and well being, sex and sexuality, against militarization, fundamentalism; on food securities and livelihoods, and the increasing erosion of civil rights of the poorest.

Her major contribution has been in the field of feminist training methodologies, with extensive experience in conducting feminist trainings for multiple constituencies and in many different countries. Her main areas of interest have been: Women’s empowerment, equality-equity issues; Health, particularly reproductive health, population policy and alternative health system including sexual rights. Her interested expanded to women’s education with special focus on multiple literacy’s and traditional knowledge systems, including rights of women and marginalized communities. She excels in institutional building and gender trainings and mainstreaming as well as research methodologies.

As an activist, researcher (primarily action research) feminist trainer and campaigner on various issues related to women’s empowerment, Abha has been active with various constituencies of the civil society. She has extensive experience of working with grassroots groups as well as with the UN systems, donor agencies, government departments and programmes as well as NGOs and women’s groups in India as well as in the South Asian region. Sangat is one of the Jagori projects that works in South Asia through the South Asian Network of Gender Activists and Trainers which runs a project on Capacity Building and Networking on Gender, Women’s Empowerment, Justice, Peace and Sustainable Development at the South Asian level.

Abha Bhaiya also has been associated with a government program - Education of Women’s Equality since its inception (1989) as a member of the National resource Group, an Executive member as well as trainer, planner and visionary of the program that includes nearly 12000 villages in India.In addition, at the South Asian level, she has conducted gender and other issues based trainings and teaching in countries like: Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Germany, Laos, Nepal, Netherlands, Pakistan,Peru, Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, Turkey, and Vietnam&etc.

Jagori also has started a community support programme in Himachal Pradesh, as part of the rural community mobilisation on women’s rights and entitelment issues and building local leadership of women and men with a special focus on the youth in  nearly 140 villages and 40 schools and colleges. Presently Abha Bhaiya is working as an advisor to the programme providing vision and vitality to the programme, evolving an integrated approach to sustainable development and capacity building of the entire team. In addition, have set up a rural academy for capacity building, eco friendly exchange between different cultures and for empowerment of marginalised communities.

Her affiliations with national and international organizations are vast. She is a board member for ten organizations, and in a role of advisory board fifteen organizations.  Abha Bhaiya has over 45 years experience as a teacher and a leader, providing support and sharing knowledge  to many countries in need. She has been a vital instrument in gender issues in Afghanistan for almost ten years. She has been a participant in numerous international conferences raising the voice for justice and equality for women.

Her latest vision and design of One Billion Rising Campaign in India initiated by Eve Ensler, is inspiring ten thousand youth around the country to rise and raise their voices against the violence against women.

Abha Bhaiya is an inspiration to young women and men who seek to follow in her footsteps. She is a great motivator and supporter of youth providing hope for the future generations of young people in South Asia on the equality basis and justice for all.



Anoop Kumar

Was born in a farming family in a hilly village of Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. He graduated in the field of Humanities in 1998. Shortly after, he acquired a Master’s degree in Geographyfrom Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak (Haryana) in 2001. He has also completed his second Master’s degree in Urban Planning from School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi in 2003.

He has been passionate about working for the empowerment of marginalized people since his college days. He always supported those who have no voices, and were excluded due to socio-economic factors.
He has 15 years of work experience in the sector of NGO Management and Development. His expertise are in Monitoring and Evaluation, Research Management, proposal /report writing and team building.

He is TARA’s Board Trustee and Senior Adviser, providing TARA team with vision, direction and guidance.

Anoop Kumar is a respected member of the community and very dedicated to TARA’s advancement and success.



Ruchika Sharda

Ruchika Sharda, a qualified chartered account is one of the founder trustees of Training and Research Academy (TARA). TARA is a social enterprise to galvanize the economic power of women in the Indian society. She brings her professional expertise in making the unit successful. She helps in designing the internal controls and systems. All her services are pro-bono.