Our Team


TARA’s 22-member team is an extremely capable, efficient, industrious and sensitive group of women and men.  Everyone works there as if the place is their home and has constantly learnt and improved their skills. They give all visitors to TARA a warm and inviting environment. They treat all their guests the same, be they village women, men, young boys or girls, NGO workers or upper-class or foreigners. There is also a small and charming farm that is built on the principles of organic agriculture so as to attempt growing different organic vegetables, fruits and cereals in order to maintain sustainability grown and cared by TARA team.

TARA’s team work is complementary as they give to each other they give to the community. Along with this, they have also integrated a feminist aesthetic and creativity in their lives. Their constant smile, empathy for each other’s pain and their anticipation of the guests’ needs are their special characteristic.

TARA team works in a great collaboration with each other including many national and international volunteers. They build the premises into a beautiful green garden filled with flowers, trees and plants that become a great place for rest, creativity and healing.


Anita Devi

Lucky Kumar

Rajesh Kumar

Om Prakash

Budhi Singh






Rajinder Kumar

Kanta Devi

Nek Raj

Hari Ram

Shyam Lal


Karju Devi



Naseev Kumar

Hem Raj