“TARA Awakened” by By: Shqipe Malushi 2011 TARA, Himachal Pradesh, India.

I waited for you

For thousand nights

To see you awakened

In your fire,

But just before the

Minute of your birth

I fell asleep

For thousand times,

You did not allow me

To see you naked

As you came into the world

Tonight must be

A special moment

Because I waited in my ritual

In darkness counting the stars,

Negotiating with You my love

It will be, it will be not

Suddenly you let me in

through Your rising fire

Of the East,

Oh my God,

The dogs awakened

The crickets screeched

The birdsong started

The trees stood still,

The river danced,

The symphony of flames

Waltzed before my eyes,

As You arose in your

Orange fire,

The call to prayer just begun

The fragile moon

Gently vanished,

Where did it go?

Where did it go?

My body became

Your violin

With strings that trembled

From your touch,

Your orange color

Gently changed

In the purple curtain

Of my soul.

AH, Beloved,

Ah, Beloved,

Is that you,

Is that you

Giving me eyes to see

That which words cannot


And now finally I know,

Sunrise is not just the rising sun,

The heart becomes Your Ocean

As the boats come forward towards you.

I stand by with the trees

Still not knowing,

Still not knowing.

Then suddenly all quiets down,

The bird flock flies away,

The sky is neither green nor blue,

And the rocks rise toward you.

I then hear your tender call,

And I throw myself on the ground,

Before Your grace, before Your


And know that I am so small,

So small.

Mackenzie McGrath, USA

Every time I visit I have the greatest experience and never want to go. When I’m away, I dream of when I’ll return. It’s always a joy and always sad to go. Thank you Jagori staff and Abha for welcoming me in your home.

Jessica Vinciguercra, USA

Jagori Family,

Thank you so much for your love and hospitality. This experience has been truly inspiring in every way possible. I hope and pray that we meet again. Keep up the devoted, selfless work. All the best,

Elaine Vukov, Associate Director
Oberlin Shansi, USA

Thank you for your very kind hospitality. I love my guest house room. I feel like I’m in a castle. Jagori/Tara is beautiful and the people of Jagori are lovely and kind. Thank you again... All the best to you all.

Phinix, USA

I absolutely love it here! There is so much love and peace that feels the atmosphere and for that I am grateful. I have been touched by all the stories I have heard, and I will never forget all the beautiful people I have met.


TARA is the perfect space for a retreat with students. We held a summer school here in 3 consecutive years: students loved the place, staff loved the students. Time out from daily pressures, time to think, discuss, connect ... Marvelous.


TARA - Jagori is a permanent home for our annual yoga retreats. I look forward to coming here, year after year, sometimes even twice a year. I love TARA for the lovely space that they have jointly created, the lovely gardens, the spacious and quiet practice hall, the comfortable and clean rooms, delicious home-grown food, the warm and welcoming staff that run the place with clock-work efficiency, and most importantly the lovely and empowering company of like-minded friends! It offers me a "safe" space to delve deeper into the inquiring-practices that I engage in. I always come away feeling richer and rejuvenated. Thank you, TARA! 

Deepali, India

This is a matter of great pleasure to be at TARA, well maintained, ntelligently designed and manged by lovely people. Full marks for ambiance. Garden, flowers, all used to click their cameras all the time.

Apart from the place, good delicious and hygenic food is the jewel on the crown. Kitchen staff did everything with smile on their face. This opinion cannot be completed without mentioning intraction with Jagori-Navneet, Manju, Sonika, Shikha, and others. Common elements of our vision and work make us feel oneness. Thanks for everything. Zindaba.

Rashmi Sharma, India

To everyone in TARA

Thank you for your warmth, and generosity. The work you do is impressive. This is a special place. Will be back again. Thanks again

Maddie Zug, USA

Thank you, thank you, thank you! TARA is a gorgeous retreat filled with natural sounds, smells, and sights. I felt so at peace walking up to the mountains in the morning. I have had an incredible and inspiring time here listening to the stories of women and sharing so many smiles and laughs. I hope I will be able to return some day soon! With love

Shaily Agarwal, New Delhi

Staying in TARA is the most memorable experience. The staff here is so full of energy and enthusiasm. I wish all the best in their life. They are doing commendable job. The premise of TARA is breathtakingly beautiful. The lodging is perfectly comfortable. Food served is perfect. I wish to revisit this place many more times with my family.

Julia, USA

TARA is magical place. It made me feel more calm and at peace in this beautiful place. The natural landscape is most inspiring and the strong wise women here are too. We hope to see this place again someday.

Shqipe Malushi, USA

When I first came to TARA in 2008 I was mesmerized with the beautiful surroundings. I couldn’t believe that TARA team with almost no resources, not time, without skills that are needed to run a retreat professionally, but with lots of love and passion to create a place where everyone could reconnect to themselves and heal and find peace. Their love, their hope, their warmth brought me back year after year. And today I am still here in 2017 celebrating their success. Today Tara is blossoming in green suroundings, flowers, and trees. Their organic gardens are well maintained and cared for. Their Green Leaf Initiative provides organic all natural food to many distant villages making it possible for everyone at a very affordable rate. The team works in volunteer basis, resources are few, but passion is big. TARA today has 22 rooms, well designed and comfortable to reside in. The food is organic and exquisitly prepared. Yoga retreats make it possible to keep the body flexible and mind calm; long walks, the songs in the evening in the full moon and the warmth of the staff makes you return over and over again. For me TARA has become a home away from home, a place where I am me.

I love you TARA and all the team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

John Appley and Terry Flores

We wanted to thank you again for providing a wonderful and peaceful home base for our exploration of Himachal Pradesh. 
The physical setting was beautiful, and the good-natured friendliness of you and your staff made us feel completely at home (if home included three delicious meals a day.
The collaborative programs you've initiated in the area seem much-needed, especially in light of the minimal support offered by the government. Caring and engaged organizations such as yours will be crucial going forward, as generosity, community, and compassion seem to be increasingly viewed (in so many countries) as falling outside government purview-- commodities to be privatized and doled out parsimoniously. Keep up the great work!
All best to you going forward.

Anuradha Dingwaney Needham

We got back early this morning. The train left late but got us to Delhi on time. We had a lovely, lovely time in Jagori thanks to you and Deepshika and all the other Jagori people. You are running a wonderful, inspiring facility there and we will not forget our time there in a hurry. I will be in touch again soon as I get a chance to speak to Gavin and Elaine on my return to Oberlin. I have also forwarded your informational email attachment to my friend in Wales. If there is anything else you would like me to do please don't hesitate to ask.


The best family gathering. We had here as Tara Jagori absolutely unforgettable trip. The stay at Tara is so comfortable. The staff and entire team of Tara is so co-operative and ever helping and made our stay so good.


Loving your TARA- it’s more than a 7 star resort for me, so environment friendly surrounded by mountain and chirping of birds around. It just cuts me off seeing all your ideals and goals in your office staff and your support staff. The kind of work you and your small family around is doing mind-blowing, wish we all carry some of it in our life. Jiji you have made ‘Bhaiya’ family proud. You are our ‘living Legend’. Love you and thanks for everything.


Thank you for another pleasant, mind refreshing and friendly stay at TARA. The beautiful surroundings, friendly and helpful, TARA team and inspiring work at Jagori Grameen make this a special place. The Food is healthy and fresh, and I feel good after meal. It is nice to know that much of the food comes from TARA’s farm and nearby farmers. The rooms are clean and pleasant. Once again, thank you for another wonderful Stay at TARA.